Pixie Post Office Exterior
Exterior of the Pixie Post Office. A post office for fairies would naturally be a mailbox in a tree! In case your curious the monogram says JM Barrie, and the numeric address has a special significance too--it’s the opening date of Peter Pan in London: 12/27/1904. The Meadow Art for Neverfruit Grove was originally done by Silvertree Media--the PO was designed painted and integrated by me. Art Directed by Tammy Manis
Digital ArtIllustration
Harmony's Sweet Shop Interior
Harmony's sweet shop. art direction by Tammy Manis. Photoshop CS5. Art Directed by Tammy Manis
Digital ArtIllustrationInteraction Design
Fairies Fashion Boutique: Periwinkle Theme
Background images for Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique App for the iOs.
Digital ArtIllustrationPainting
Fairy "Broom Closet"
Background art for the Pixie Hollow iOs fashion game. Yeah its a fairy broom closet but their broom closets are much prettier than ours so...worth it. Layout and Art direction my Tammy Manis
Digital ArtIllustrationPainting
Marina's Training Spa
Marina's training spa quest giver location for PH. Original design and painting by me based loosely on concepts from Disney Toon Studios for the PH Games tv special. Photoshop CS5. Art Directed by Tammy Manis.
Digital ArtIllustrationInteraction Design
Ice Palace from Pixie Hollow
Ice Palace for Pixie Hollow—the residence of the Minister of Winter. Different stages keyframed for interactive animations. Designed and painted by me using Photoshop CS5. Art Directed by Anthony Licon
Digital ArtIllustrationInteraction Design
Pixie Post Office Interior
Interior of the Pixie Post Office--the inside of the mailbox in the tree. The design is based loosely on Gringotts and pen and quill scepter of Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure--making fancy miniature furniture of fancy miniature lost things. Designed and painted by me in Photoshop CS5. Art Directed by Tammy Manis.
Digital ArtIllustrationInteraction Design
Kit's Hideout Interior
Interior of Kit's Hideout--the "quest giver" fairy who challenges players to do things on the mainland (aka. the real world). Designed and painted by me using Photoshop CS5. I left in the messy matte to show the parallaxing layers. Art Directed by Tammy Manis.
Digital ArtIllustrationInteraction Design
Matte Painting
Various Matte Painting Works and scholastic exercises
Digital ArtIllustrationPainting
Children's Book Illustration
Prismacolor Illustrations done for my graduate thesis in illustration, with a focus on children's books. Many of these illustrations were winners in the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles annual show.
Character DesignIllustration
Children's Book, Continued.
Graduate Thesis children's book illustration. Prismacolor on Watercolor Paper and Photoshop. Society of Illustrator's Los Angeles 2006.
Art DirectionCharacter DesignIllustration
Character Illustration
Miscellaneous character and children's book illustrations in Digital and Traditional Media done for corporate clients and personal work
Character DesignDigital ArtIllustration
Puffle Wild, Illustration, UI/UX supervision
Illustration and Creative direction on Club Penguin's puffle wild app
Art DirectionIllustrationInteraction Design
Club Penguin
Various illustrations done for the great people at Disney's Club Penguin
Digital ArtGraphic DesignIllustration
Fashions for Fairies
Fashion Illustrations done in Vector for Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow
Digital ArtFashionIllustration
Vector Illustrations and Design, UI/UX Integration
Vector "Hero Shot" Illustrations created for the world of Cars Online, Integrated with Graphic Design Layouts
Digital ArtGraphic DesignIllustration
various doodles and sketchbook pages old and new
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